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Compliance Panel Turnaround Time Is Less Than 2 Days.


How to Get Started

We’re honored to serve the cannabis industry in Massachusetts and have made the testing process easy to get started. Please email or call 413-232-9570 to get started!  You can also schedule an appointment using our Bookings app here.  We also do take walk-ins during our business hours.

We test all cannabis products, including flower, concentrates, infusions, vapes, and associated media.  Must be 21 years or older to test and acknowledge all samples submitted were grown/produced/procured within the state of Massachusetts and that federal or state laws were not broken in the transportation of the samples to SafeTiva Labs. 

How to prepare a sample:

Samples should be individually packaged and labeled in an airtight container to ensure the most accurate results.

Different sample sizes are required for each test and product types.  Please refer to the sample size requirements below. If you have any questions regarding sample sizes, please call us at 413-232-9570 ext. 1

  1. Cannabinoids – 1 gram
  2. Heavy Metals – 1 gram
  3. Microbiology – 1.25 grams
  4. Moisture Content – 0.50 gram
  5. Mycotoxins – 1.00 gram
  6. Pesticides – 1.00 gram
  7. Residual Solvents – 0.50 gram
  8. Terpenes – 0.50 gram
  9. Vitamin E Acetate – 1.00 gram

Why Should I test?

How do I test my cannabis products/ how do I utilize a cannabis testing lab?

Whether you are curious about potency, or concerned about safety, having access to a credible cannabis testing lab is key. If you are sharing your homegrown cannabis with others, it is especially important to be sure your cannabis is free of mold, mycotoxins, heavy metals, and pesticides. It is also helpful to know potency for proper dosing when using product. Different genetics produce various chemotypes, and also respond to changing variables within the grow. Testing periodically as you switch genetics and cultivation practices is a good way to see which direction you are heading.   To view a list of the testing services we offer at SafeTiva Labs and to learn more about submitting samples, please click here. To schedule an appointment with SafeTiva Labs, please click the button below.