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New Cannabis Testing Research

Lauren Sands, one of SafeTiva’s Senior Laboratory Technicians, recently shared research from her Master’s thesis at the University of Connecticut with the CannMed podcast. During the podcast episode, Ben Amirault and Lauren speak about hormonal regulation of the enzymes that aid in producing cannabinoids. 

Lauren’s research focused on cannabis genes responsible for growth, pathogen defense, and hormone regulation of cannabinoid synthesis. Her work unveils a deeper understanding of the internal networks within cannabis plants and presents new ideas to consider for breeding programs. 

Lauren will be presenting about her research this May at the CannMed annual conference hosted by Medicinal Genomics and Advanced Nutrients. We are so lucky to have team members like Lauren who have a passion for cannabis science! For more information about her research, follow this link to the pre-print of her paper, listen to the podcast episode at , and watch her CannMed conference talk online following the conference!

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