Commoditizing Cannabis Testing

Commoditizing Cannabis Testing labs

Who doesn’t like a deal?

Each day, many of us turn to Amazon, or similar platforms, shopping for everyday items that we could also find at the local grocer, hardware store or regional mall. We turn to these platforms for a number of reasons however, cost is typically at the top of the list.

Now, for a moment, think about what you’re shopping for; bulk toilet paper, a yoga mat, a vacuum cleaner or perhaps a new air fryer. Success, I’ve found the perfect item, at the lowest price and it will even be delivered to my house tomorrow morning – thanks Jeff Bezos. In just 24hrs, I’ve forgotten about the purchase I made until the dogs let loose harkening the arrival of the Amazon delivery person. I head outside to grab the package and, in my haste, I wipe out on the ice that’s accumulated on the front walkway – down I go.

The swelling begins. My wrist blows up several times its normal size and I know I have a problem. Now, I don’t head to my computer, pull up Amazon, or start looking for cheap medical services… Nope, I search for Orthopedic doctors in my area. I choose one, make my appointment and the healing process begins, with the cost of services never crossing my mind. I want a qualified individual helping me, not someone who “stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night”. Believe me, there isn’t a day that goes by that something doesn’t remind me of how fortunate I am to have health insurance but that’s a topic for another day…

Where am I going with all this you ask, well, I’m wondering when services became a commodity? More and more, I’ve been part of discussions, with potential customers, where price is the only concern. If we haven’t been willing to meet or be the lowest priced service provider, the conversation quickly comes to a close. No discussion of our competency, our ability to do the job correctly, or other services available.

Cannabis testing should not be a commoditized service.

Let’s first consider the people doing your testing. These people have, in many cases, studied for years to earn degrees in Chemistry, Biology, Molecular & Cellular Biology and Plant Science to name a few. They have a level of expertise that was earned through hard work and dedication. Now let’s turn to the lab itself, where all equipment is not created equal. We made a choice to utilize the most current technology in order to provide the highest degree of accuracy while reducing customer wait time significantly. Other options were available, however, our goal is not to be the cheapest, our goal is to be the best.

Now, let’s turn to the intangibles. Customer Service likely isn’t a priority for those whose model is based on being the lowest price. Knowing that the transaction doesn’t end once payment has been made is invaluable. If you looking for the cheapest lab and only care about passing the test, we may not be the right option for you. However, if you have the same passion for providing the highest level of quality in your product, why not have a lab that believes in the same values as those that are important to your business.

Our goal is to be more that a testing lab…need help setting up your own R&D lab or perhaps you’d like to speak to our in-house cultivation expert for consulting services. We have the team to provide options and a level of service that surpass your expectations. You hope to never need to question your product or service however, in that moment where you do have a problem, knowing that you have a partner that you can reach out to for help is priceless.